Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Had an idea!

Now thats a newsflash :)

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The vote can be either accessed on the Bodypump 58 Button on the sidebar or by scrolling down the and selecting that way.

Bodypump 58 Poll Up Now!

The poll for Bodypump 58 is underway!

The power is in your hands vote for the tracks you love!

Yello - from Bodypump 21 have....

A single called Planet Dada.

Check out The Race as well :)

They are from Bodypump 21 Do It :) Awesome Track!

Check it out on their website!

Yello Home Page!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Westlife are coming here!

Reviewed them here last year. They sing an awesome version of You Raised Me Up!

22nd September 2006 is the date!

Westlife Blogger Entry!

What is your favorite Bodypump from 50 - 58 series of Bodypump

Just added Bodypump 58 to the list so vote away for your favorites.

Favorite Bodypump 40- 49 Poll Results!

Bodypump 47 is a-head followed up tie Bodypump 48 Evergreen and Bodypump 49 the Best of in third place is Bodypump 44 and 42 and one vote for Bodypump 48 (One of Us.)

Vote for your favs please :)

What track do you like in Bodypump 56 hits 400 votes!

400 Votes wow

A maiden century for Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders 105 votes and not out!


I hope TPTB see the results.

New Top 10 Bodypump 56 - 58!

This is the final phase for Michaels version of Bodypump. I seriously can't believe that Michael has left the building.

01. I'll Be Your Light - Kristine W Bodypump 58 an outstanding way to being a Bodypump. Will write up more in Unplugged in July this year. Can't wait till unplugged is out.

02. Voodoo Child - Rogue Trades - Bodypump 56, I do have a soft spot for From Paris to Berlin Infernal from Bodypump 57.

03. Push it - Garbage Bodypump 57 love that track a very long track.

04. Everytime we Touch - Cascada Bodypump 57 ties with Riding on the Wings from Bodypump 58. Won't say much about that yet will sayn something in unplugged. Cascada k/a.

05. Take Your Mama - Scissor Sisters Bodypump 57 a fun track. Track 5 from Bodypump 58 is a total blast track ouch.......

06. Gonna Make You Sweat - C & C feat. Freedom Williams Bodypump 56, I have been waiting a long time for that track to appear in Bodypump and wow. The Bonus track by Gareth Gates is outstanding value and an awesome track as well. Gareth is recording his new CD after his split from Sony/BMG. I hope that his new CD sells buckets that would certainly make Sony/BMG stand up and listen.

07. Wonderful Life - Tina Cousins Bodypump 56 a real good value track 7. Track7 from Bodypump 58 is an outstanding track 7.

08. Rock Star - NERD Bodypump 57. Have been waiting for that track for such a long time to come to Bodypump. Love Nerd and love what Michael choregraphed for that track

09. Def track 9 from Bodypump 58 and track 9 from Bodypump 56 Don't Cha :)

10. Love all of them, can't make up my mind. Josh is this weeks featured artist on the Bodypump 58 option of the site.

Now onto Bodypump 59!

On Glen's Bodypump Site September 2006.


New Top 10 Bodypump 53 - 55!

Bodypump 55 is my alltime favorite Bodypump ever, I love the whole release. So I would say that I from track 1 - 10 are awesome.

People trashed that release. I was talking to another instructor and she said she taught it once and never again. You can't please everyone all the time.

The list below is from 53 - 54!

01. Rise Leave Me Alone - Safri Duo Bodypump 54. Nice departure from the standard start up tracks.

02. Run to You - Novaspace Bodypump 53 I loved Tommy K on the DVD he k/a on that DVD and he is such a cool dude to know in real life. Loved Novaspace because I suggested then to Mopps for Bodystep 51 Time after Time. Mopps used them in Bodystep 51 many thanks to Mopps.

03. Summer Rain - Slinkee Minx Bodypump 54 I adore Belinda Carsile and love the track.

04. Here I am Send Me an Angel - Jan Wayne and Charlene Bodypump 54 I adore Charlene I am a huge fan of her track from 1982.

05. Don't Panic - Logo feat Dawn Joseph Bodypump 53. I have been waiting such a long time for that one to come to Bodypump and Michael did an outstanding job of that track.

06. Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy - Big and Rich Bodypump 53 Tha track is way cool I love the guys from Big and Rich. Loved country music in Bodypump. Glad Michael used that track.

07. Love Comes again - Teisto Bodypump 53 That track k/a from the begining to the end. Love trance music. Awesome ending to the track.

08. Word Up - Korn - Bodypump 54 awesome track like Korn and their music. Whoever suggested that track to Michael a big thumbs up!

09. Yeah - Usher Bodypump 53 User is cool and loved the choreogrpahy that Michael did for that track. Usher and Nelly in Bodypump as track 9's are special.

10. Loved both songs, they tie A Thousand Years and When we were Kings outstanding.

Now onto Bodypump 56 - 58!

New Top 10 Bodypump 50 - 52!

Decided to do it in 3 release phases.

01. Scream for More - Kate Ryan - Bodypump 50
02. Overload - Voodoo and Serano - Bodypump 52
03. Pump it Up - Denzel - Bodypump 51
04. Slave to the Music - Nick Skitz - Bodypump 50 (Because it has a return of an old favorite.)
05. Let the Sunshine - Milk Inc. Bodypump 51 (I adore Bodypump 51.)
06. Somwehere I Belong - Linkin Park Bodypump 50 ties with Cross the Border - Mendez Bodypump 52
07. I can't let you go - Ian Van Dahl Bodypump 51
08. Something Going On - Bomfunk Mc's Bodypump 50
09. Shake Your Tailfeather - Nelly Bodypump 50 (K/A track.)
10. My Immortal - Evanescence - Bodypump 51 ties with Verdi Maria - Emma Shapplin Bodypump 52.

Overall the first three Bodypumps are outstanding a highlight was Bodypump 50 where I got a Bodypump 50 Keyring whick I treasure.

Loved the techo feel of this part of Bodypump. I like hard core tracks for track 6 Linkin Park k/a and Slave to the Music does as well. Wold love to do a heavy metal track like "Enter the Sandman" - Metalica again I am so into Metalica and Ratt and the Scorpons.

Now onto Bodypump 53 - 55 :)

Featured Artist Added!

Check the Bodypump 58 Botton on the side!

New one added every week!

Go to Josh Grobins Site!

You can hear "You Raise Me Up"

Just follow the links on the Bodypump 58 Button onto his site!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Video Vault!

Check back in a few days on the release cards a video vault is going to be there!

Trying to locate artist videos and puting them there!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

PopUpCard Update!

Finally a website for Supafly.

Check the PopUpCard for details of their website!

Stand by Me - Track 6 Bodypump 58!

That is one tought track. You look at the track, time and also what is expected thinking that OK that is one easy track.


By the time you get down to the last part of that track and the last set you pretty much have exhausted the biceps.

It is one of the toughest track 6's I have done in awhile - track 6 of Bodypump 40 is also a tough track as well for the opposite reasons! You go from one extreme to the other in Bodypump!

I just love Bodypump 58!

Bo Bice has a new single!

Featured Bo Bice here last year.

Bo has a new single called "U Make Me Better" it is from his debut CD.

News of Bo's debut CD can be found here at:

Bo Bice Article on site!

Aaron Spelling dies at age 83.

On the 18th June 2006 Aaron Spelling has passed away.

Details were released today!

Aaron was responsible for some of the best TV I can remember "Charlies Angles - Dynasty - Colbys - Love Boat - Melrose Place - 90210 - Sunset Beach to name a few. TV was never better in the 70's and early 80's when his shows were on TV."

My thoughts go out to Tori Spelling and her family at this time.

It is a sad loss :(

Button to enter the forum below!

Seen an error code down the bottom of the page the error is from their site.

Will bring back the original look when they sort things out!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Would like to thank the people that visited the guestbook. To those that I have privatley answered thanks for the nice feedback on the site.

To Belinda and Samy I have finally answered your entry. I am such a slack person for not going in there and will do so more often :)

Type Bodypump Lounge into Google and see what.....

Happens :)

150,000 Hits

That is alot of hits. I have not been posting here much latley been busy with other things. Life is pretty hectic currently.

I am writing up Bodypump 58 Unplugged much like the one for Bodypump 55 and 57 I will get around to Bodypump 56.

If you want to find out whats going on here the home page is the best place to start. All the information from there relates to the bloggers.

I have had a post from Michael that I have kept for such a long time going back to 2001 I think on the old site.

I will ask if I can put that post here.

It is a good post.

Bodypump 58 is an awesome Bodypump from Mike and well I am excited about it. Tami and Craig have just got theirs so they will have a really detailed report card on the release on their site.

Meanwhile I am still puting in content for Glens Bodypump Site and it does take time to create the content and locate articles of interest and some inside goss as well. I will do artist profiles there as well. What is cool is that I do have some time to get it together before the release dates.

The Blogforum for this site will remain on the new site. It is here for the long hall if you have registered please say something thanks to the people that have so far. It just takes one post and that the starting point.

Thank you everyone for coming here :) I love Bodypump and also Bodybalance and like writing here, I feel like this is a Bridget Jones Diary sometimes. LOL. :).

kia ora to all :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have just realised this I have the tracklist for the very first Bodypump!

I have the tracklist for the very first every Bodypump. I had it and did not know until today it was the very first Bodypump.

I love track 1 :)


my gaol for the new site is to have at least 40 + articles......

For people to read once the site is up and running. Imagine launching a new site with no content. It was much like that when this site launched in 2004.

The new site will have a "News Strap" which is something pretty cool :)

Update Glens new site!

The site for GlenO and Bodypump 59+ is looking good.

Very different from this site.

If you want your site added please e-mail me via my profile.

kia ora to all :)

Twisted Transistor (Live) - kORN!

Wow what a song would love to do that track as a track 10 in Bodypump!

Love kORN!


Katharine McPhee signs with RCA!

I believe that Katharine McPhee is going places June 27th sees the release of her debut single through RCA/Sony!

'Over the Rainbow'/'My Destiny' is her double A side release.

Looking forward to that :)

Do I Make You Proud - Taylor Hicks!

This site supports "any Idol release" adding to the list is now Taylor Hicks 2006 winner. The track debut at 69 on the charts.

Taylor Hicks debut CD was released on the 13th June 2006!


1. Do I Make You Proud
2. Takin' It To The Streets

Proceeds of the song will go to the Red Cross!

Supernova "Rockstar" Tommy Lee Project!

Begins a new round of singers and a new band for Tommy Lee.

We will be following "Supernova" as it forms and unfolds on "Rockstar"

The Supernova Forum is at:


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pro Instructor!

If you are in Australia Pro-Instructor is here.

Get on board and become a Pro-Instructor.

Think about the two articles below?

Will write more about later today :)

Definition of Facilitator:

Definition of Humanistic Learning Structure (Facilitator.)
Name of Model: Non-Deductive Teaching
Exponent: Carl Rogers
Key Concepts: Self-Articulation, Phenomenological Field
Role of Instructor: Facilitator of Knowledge
Amount of Structure: Low
Appropriate Conceptual Knowledge: High

Dubin S (1973) Implication of Learning Theories for Adult Instruction, Adult Education Vol. 24 no 1 p.14

Facilitating learning by establishing a conductive learning climate, anticipating and gathering the different resources required by learners at various times; managing the storage; access and use of these learning resources, making decisions about when small and large group activities would be advantageous and facilitating these; scheduling the use of different facilities and time; monitoring supplies and consumables; maintaining daily up-to-date and accurate record keeping.

Source: Hobart et al (1995 p.217.)
Any Comments?

Definition of Behavioral Learning Structure (Instructor.)

Definition of Instructor:

Intellect: The exercise of the mind: Modes of communication: Teacher

Name of Model: Operational Conditioning
Exponent: B Skinner
Key Concepts: Re-enforcement
Role of Instructor:
Behavioral Modifier
Amount of Structure: High
Appropriate Conceptual Knowledge: Low

Dubin S (1973) Implication of Learning Theories for Adult Instruction, Adult Education Vol. 24 no 1 p.14

Comments anyone?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Introducing Sarah Athereth!

Fade Away (Valentin Mix) is her latest single.

You can hear her gear at her website.

I love her music she is going to rock the planet in 2006 and beyond.

Check her out!


Ann Winsborn

Ann has a new CD called "Pink Collar Crime" which is slowly rocking up the charts. Ann has an awesome debut CD and it can be heard at her URL.



1. Everything I Do 2. I Need You 3. Je n’ai pas compris 4. All Night 5. Be The One 6. Tonight 7. Broken Dreams 8. Oh Boy 9. Kickin’ Out 10. True Confession 11. Shadows 12. Je n’ai pas ompris (alternative mix) 13. Everything I Am (MegaMix)

If you love Kate Ryan - Kristine W - Tina Cousins - Cascada then you will love Ann's music.

Would love to see her music in Bodypump as a track 1.

Give her music a listen to please :)

You would love it I promise :)

Ann Winsorn Site!

Bodyjam Active Forum Now Open!

No posts yet no members yet.

Please help me out by getting it going.

  • Now I have to go off an do Bodyjam 37!


    Sunday, June 18, 2006

    Important Site Announcement!

    If you click on the link below and read the announcement.


    Thank you everyone!

  • Saturday, June 17, 2006

    They must read here!

    Yesterday I posted that Glen was the new Choreographer for Bodypump.

    Put a link to the article and all that. Well that day Glen was put in the Program Directors Section and Susan was as well.

    Nothing like being off the mark ;) here :)

    Glen's Bodypump Site!

    The new look of the site is more funkier styled.

    10 articles already by the time the site is up there should be 3 months of articles there for everyone to read.


    Choreographers Section Updated!

    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Phobos and Deimos!

    The Key meets The Secret!

    That track would rock in any Bodypump Class!



    Start the Game - Tune Up!

    Love the track would def make an awesome shoulder track in any Bodypump Class!

    Vote 1: [X] Tune Up - Start the Game! for shoulders Bodypump!

    Feeling creative!

    See above Bodypump 58 :)

    The site is going to change names sometime this week :)

    Made a decision about this site!

    As of Bodypump 59 a new site will open.

    This site is my dedication to Michael J McSweeney and I could not continue this site without his version of Bodypump. This is the end of an era and I wanted to let this site be a dedication to him.

    You can bookmark this site and come back here.

    The site will remain here and anything that has to do with Michael J McSweeney will be posted here and anything about his releases will be posted here from Pump 1 - Bodypump 58!

    I have been thinking about this for awhile.

    The new site will be up and running as of August 2006 and is dedicated to Glen Ostergaard's version of Bodypump from Bodypump 59!


    The return of Emma Barry to the Bodypump DVD's!

    Emma Barry is back!

    Emma Barry and Steven Renata will present regularlyon BODYPUMP™ master class DVDs
    The last time Emma was in a Bodypump Video was release 21.


    Official Press Release Glen Ostergaard New Head Choreographer Bodypump!

    Click below to read the full article:

    Les Mills International Press Release!


    I am thinking of closing the current Bodypump Blogger site as a deidication to Michael J McSweeney and his version of Bodypump.

    I am thinking about opening a new Bodypump Blogger for Glen Ostergaard's version of Bodypump and making Michaels site dedicated to his version of Bodypump!

    It is just and idea since I am such a huge fan of Michaels.


    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Alani Mala hits the USA Michelle Bridges.......

    Alani Mala is heading up the Bodypump - Bodycombat and RPM schedule this 1/4'ly.

    If Alani is reading here. This old Bodypumper would like to see you at the Cotton Club Pavilion presenting Bodypump. I truly miss seeing you presenting Bodypump :)

    Would also love to see Michelle Bridges present Bodypump here again :)

    My dream Bodypump team is Alani Mala - Michelle Bridges and Tommy K it does not get any better than that!

    BODYPUMP™ 23!

    I Love to Love La Bouche it does not get better that track :)

    Magic thats all I have to say :)

    Dashboard Coming Soon!


    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Please check Bodypump 58 Button!

    Please check the Button for Bodypump 58 occasionally.

    There are going to be some additional things added over the next 3 months. So if you have read them once well thats just the start.

    They are just the starting point and hope that everyone likes them :)

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    PopUpCard Tracklist for Bodypump 58!

    Just checked for the tracklists for Bodypump 58 and they are there.

    They are located on a Official Les Mills BTS Tracklist site. We do not publish them if they have not been formerly published there.

    So here it is the PopUpCard for Bodypump 58 which I have been sitting on since April 2006

    They are best viewed in Full Screen mode!

    To launch the card just click on the Bodypump 58 Button (sidebar.)


    Saturday, June 10, 2006

    Tina Cousins Entry Home Page!

    On the home page there is some news on Tina Cousins!

    Tina Cousins News!

    Dan and Jet News!

    Check the home page for the site on news on Dan and Jet!

    Dan and Jet News on Home Page!

    Nickelback - Savin Me!

    Reviewed Nickelback last year around September. I often wonder how I can remember what is here. (Insert Shock Icon.)

    Nickelback September 2006 Entry!

    Now trying to get over that the guys have a new single "Savin Me" well we need more tracks like that in Bodypump that track would rock my world as a track 6.


    Track List

    01. Follow You Home
    02. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
    03. Photograph (1st single out.)
    0. Animals
    05. Savin' Me (3rd Single Out.)
    06. Far Away (2nd Single Out.)
    07. Next Contestant
    08. Side Of A Bullet
    09. If Everyone Cared
    10. Someone That You're With
    11. Rockstar

    Savin Me [X] Vote No 1 for Track 6!

    Nickelback rock!

    Sherese Martin!

    Short and Sweet!

    "All out of Love" is her current single out!

    Check her music out!

    Sherese Martin's site!

    Introducing Mai Tai!

    Mai Tai is a cocktail drink! They are named after that drink!

    I love their music also enjoy it please :)

    History is their current hit :)

    They are just one hot hot hot hot hot and more hot group :) did I say Hot I guess I did man they are hot.

    Mai Tai Home Page! or

    Nation Blue!

    Love love this group and I would love to see their music in any Les Mills class.

    Direct Link:

    Nation Blue Home Page!

    'Have You Got What It Takes" is their latest single.

    Please give their gear a listen to :)

    Bio of the group!

    Introducing Vellesca!

    Short and Sweet :)

    She is from Brasil and an awesome act :)


    Her music would rock in Bodypump. Her current single is "Summertime"

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    Amanda Marshall!

    Love love love Amanda Marshall and her music. Amanda released her best of collection. Experience Amanda Marshall at least once in a lifetime.

    Amanda Marshall's Website!

    Check out the Amandas site please.

    Happy Birthday to Bodypump 60 Releases!

    Bodypump celebrates its 60th release August 2006.

    Be there for that special event in August 2006 at LMWOF!

    Rob E C

    Rob E C is a pretty cool artist. He recently remade "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx.

    1. Heaven
    2. Right Here Waiting
    3. Give it Up

    Will write more abour Rob E C when his CD is finally out. His music would rock in any Les Mills International class!

    Rob E C's Home Page!

    Please check his music out anyone choreographing Les Mills programmes.

    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Alphaville back for 2006 and Forever Young!

    Today I was introduced to a song called "Forever Young" The Remix. The track is a goodie going back at least 23 years.

    That track would rock in Bodypump!

    I would love to lunge to Alphaville :)

    The guys from Alphaville have an awesome website!

    Check their gear out please :)

    Alphaville's Main Website!

    Filming Dates August 2006 Update!

    Hi the filming dates have been updated and can be located at the Filming Dates 2006 part of the forum.

    Class times will be announced shortly!

    The most asked question ever in Bodypump history!

    The most asked question I have read or ever seen in print is when did Bodypump began. More specific what month and what year.

    Here it is:

    The very first ever Bodypump class was held................................................................................

    December 1991.

    That has taken me 8 years to find someone who knew the answer to the question.

    Now what is the oldest Body? program out there.

    It is Bodystep the very first ever Bodystep class was held June 1990. It is now 16 years old and is one of the oldest EMC classes in history.

    Does anyone want to know the rest?

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift!

    Track 8 from Bodypump 57 is in the movie check it out!

    Rock Star (Clean Edit), N.E.R.D

    Been awhile since I posted here Bodypump 58 unleashes an awesome ending for Michael J McSweeney!

    Here goes :)

    Get ready for something special when you do this release.

    Track 1 An awesome beginning to a wonderful Bodypump by Michael J McSweeney

    Track 2 Republica are in d-house with an awesome track the last time we saw then was Ready To Go Republica Bodypump 43. They won't disappoint one bit.

    Track 3 I honestly love the track and have it one one of my CD's and never in a million years would I have thought that track would be a track 3.

    Track 4 An awesome track 4 form the man himself Motiv8 are an awesome artist for this part of the workout. Tons of options in this track.

    Track 5 Love Love Love the track it is now my favorite track in the 50's series of Bodypump. The ending is a killer set of........ won't spoil it for anyone.

    Track 6 That track is one of the best track 6's ever selected by Michael J McSweeney an awesome track and a new exercise variation in Biceps Curls.

    Track 7 Lock and load is the message of this track and a return of an old favorite exercise from the past. We have not had this in awhile :)

    Track 8 Bodyrockers make a second appearance in Bodypump an awesome track and wow one of Michaels best shoulder tracks.

    Track 9 I suggested this track awhile back on the song suggestion thing at while I was there I suggested it for another program...... a way cool song and a set of awesome abs exercises.

    Track 10 A perfect ending for the man himself Michael J McSweeney. It is now my altime favorite track 10 in the 50's series of Bodypump. Josh is a special artist profile coming up June 2006 when the cards are released.

    This is a wonderful release and a perfect way for Michael to exit from Bodypump.

    Michael I love your work!

    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    Home Page Final Modifications!


    Check it out please.

    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    The site welcomes....

    See the Home Page for the site details are at the top!

    New Home Page Launched!

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Update on the new home page!

    Finally after a week of looking at different colour schemes for the new home page a final choice has been made.

    I am really amazed on the colour scheme chosen for the site. I am also amazed at the overall look of the new home page.

    The site was created using Notepad and pure HTML and Javascript. I do all my webpages in HTML and Javascript.

    The site will be uploaded tomorrow :)

    Do you wanna link?

    If you want your BTS - Les Mills sites linked in the new home page please e-mail me via the profile above.

    There is space left!

    Frames anyone?

    You need to have a frame friendly browser to view the new site.

    So if you don't have a frame friendly browswer then you might have some issues connecting to the new home pages!

    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    The site welcomes on Saturday!

    The site welcomes someone whom I have great respect for. He is a legendary powerlifter and holds world records in his choosen event. I am linking into his forum and his website.

    The guys in his forum are hard core Powerlifters - Exercise Specialists - Coaches - Trainers.

    You are going to learn alot from them and I have been there since 2002 and have learned alot.

    Bring on Saturday :)

    On Saturday........

    The site welcomes a new connection to the site cannot say much now.

    Stay tunned......

    Justin Timberlake 2006 CD Information!

    Justin's new CD is going to be called "Extra-Ordinary" it is scheduled for release July 2006.

    First single out "Brotherhood"

    Bodies Without Organs - Prototype!

    Bodies without Organs have an amazing Dance CD out now called Prototype!

    Love their music.


    1. Sixteen tons of hardware 2. Conquering america 3. Son of a gun 4. Open door (ballad version) 5. Walkint the night 6. Voodoo magic 7. Sunshine in the rain 8. Riding through the night 9. Say i love you 10. Rhythm divine 11. European psycho 12. Living in a fantasy 13. Gone 14. Open door (disco version) 15. Sixteen tons of hardware (Johan S remix) 16. Conquering america (Johan S remix)

    Their Website!


    Banaroo are from Germany if you want pure dance and pop mixed together then they are the group to listen to.




    Check out Antoine's website her song "Take Off" is taking off all over the place. Love her music and her single "I keep on Trying" would def rock in Bodypump!

    Her Website!

    Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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